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This two year period is going to be over, join the VAPE Coalition today as we push through regulations together! With the support of vape family like you, working together to everyone’s mutual benefit, as a partnership of major e-liquid manufacturers, 4,000+ e-liquid brands and vape shops, the combined VAPE Coalition is spear heading and funding the research, development and regulation approval of 1 to 50 new complex base premium e-liquid flavors.  Each VAPE Coalition member will then be able to market and sell these new regulation-approved flavors under their own brands, with the combined manufacturing strength and pricing of the VAPE Coalition.

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*Special Note*: Because the FDA is alluding to the possibility that only Tobacco & Menthol flavors will ultimately be the only approved e-liquid flavors, the VAPE Coalition will focus on these and Unflavored as the best first candidates for development and approval. The VAPE Coalition is first about VAPE Family’s survival, before its flavors. Tobacco & Menthol flavors have the best chance for approval and will spear heard the approval process to prove if the FDA even intends on approving new e-Liquids.

Then comes the flavors

After nine years of flavor research, mixologists continue to rediscover history’s proven flavors.   We are looking for nominations for the world’s record best flavored e-liquids of all time, like Strawberry Cream or Cinnamon Roll; that are proven all day vapes that everyone enjoys.

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Best e liquid flavors by donation

Picking the historically best e liquid flavors

Through a unique donation voting system, the VAPE Coalition community determines what nominated premium e liquid flavors will be developed. With the combined support of the vape industry’s top mixologist experts, the VAPE coalition community researches and reviews thousands of e liquid recipes to determine what combination of ingredients will be the best flavor for each class of e-liquid. The final results are backed with funding from the donation voting system and continues through the regulation and compliance process.

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