Industry Leaders

“To survive these harsh regulations, vape businesses must unite.”

“we feel more obligated than ever to help strengthen the efforts of The Vape Coalition.”

“We urge everyone to join the VAPE Coalition’s fight to provide life saving self branded approved products to VAPE businesses who can’t afford them.”

Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor has been an industry leader since 2011. In light of the FDA's potentially business-breaking regulations, we are sending forth a rallying call to vape shop owners and manufacturers. To survive these harsh regulations, vape businesses must unite. Join the VAPE Coalition to empower the vaping industry, and turn the tide against federal intervention.


Meritcard is a leading payment processor for the e-cigarette industry and we are grateful to be a key contributor to the Vape Coalition. As the legal and legislative challenges mount against us, we feel more obligated than ever to help strengthen the efforts of The Vape Coalition. By harnessing the power of our collective knowledge, innovation, influence and combined efforts, The Vape Coalition will lead us through the challenges ahead. We strongly encourage you to join us in our support of the Vape Coalition.


BlueCheck is an Industry Leading Age Verification service focused explicitly on protecting the VAPE industry from unauthorized access and compliance liability. BlueCheck ensures VAPE businesses remain compliant with both federal and state laws - even if those laws change, BlueCheck automatically updates to keep businesses in full compliance. It is with great honor and excitement that we join forces with the VAPE Coalition and its fight to protect the VAPE industry. Together we stand united as the VAPE Coalition and we will bring about real change. We urge everyone to join the VAPE Coalition's fight to provide life saving self branded approved products to VAPE businesses who can't afford them.

Why a VAPE Coalition?

For the VAPE families in our industry, having a regulated product can change everything.

An estimated 404,000 VAPE family members in the industry will be without a regulated product in two years.  That’s estimated to be nearly 99% of the industry. Or, ten times the number of people employed by Congress and the FDA combined. The majority live day by day, pay check to pay check; working long hours just to survive and support their businesses and families.  For many vape family, the vape industry is all they know. But access to regulation approved products means life saving, income and opportunities – especially for those with families.

Having a regulated product changes everything.


Creates Income

Many of the VAPE families simply can’t survive on the income of their careers 9 years ago.

A regulation approved product means continued life saving income for those vape families that might otherwise lose their homes.


Creates Security

There is no worse pain then the pain felt by a parent that can’t provide for the security of their family.

With a regulation approved product, comes the security of knowing they can continue to provide for their children.


Creates Community

The love and support of community is uniquely tied to the passion for the products it sells; a loss to one is a loss to the other.

When the VAPE community gets regulation approved products, men, women, fathers, mothers and children get their lives back and take charge of their futures.

How do we tackle the regulation process?

We continue to work with industry experts and vape community members to find the best sustainable solution for industry survival, whether it was funding the regulation of products, extremely discounting vape shop franchises, or offering re-seller systems for surviving premium e liquid brands. And now with every VAPE Coalition premium e liquid bottle sold, our partners coordinate to donate a percentage of each sale to fund the development and regulation of 1 to 50 premium e liquids, allowing all members to have a fully regulated product to sell under their own brand.

There is safety in numbers.

Leading VAPE service companies are supporting those that support the VAPE Coalition, by reducing the cost of business for members.
Each company has agreed to slash the cost of their services for VAPE Coalition members by a generous 25%. These companies together, operating collectively as the VAPE Coalition, are dedicated to providing safe and secure end to end business solutions for members. Going forward, it is critical that VAPE Coalition members have the security of knowing they are operating in full compliance of all current and future deeming regulations at the lowest price.

Examples of discounts afforded to VAPE Coalition Members

  • 25% off merchant services.
  • 25% off age verification services.
  • 25% off marketing services.
  • 25% off marketing services.
  • 25% off e-commerce & marketing services.
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Regulations are upon us, it’s time to save your business.